Puey Ungpakorn : An Honest Siamese in a Class of His Own

By Sulak Sivaraksa
This English translation of the original version of this book was commissioned as a tribute to Dr. Puey Ungpakorn on the occasion of the centenary anniversary of Dr. Puey’ birth in three years’ time. This memoir of Dr. Puey Ungpakorn describes the character and life-work of a much respected economist , civil servant, and educator who inspired serveral generations of student and young people. Puey’s ability and experience were always in demand, and he was often called upon to step into the breach and solve a problem or to give counsel to those in need of it. Content An Elder Who Is Not Cunning 1. Assumption College 2. England and politics 3. Puey as a man 4. Puey the academic 5. Working with youth 6. As a person, for the public 7. Rural development